A Nomad's Guide to Spring Break

January 02, 2018

Spring Break is as much a part of the college experience as mid-terms and finals but a lot more fun. But do you really want to go to the same ole places that everyone has been going for years? Or do you want to chart your own path and have new and different experiences?

Travel with Friends

Spring break is no fun without sharing it with friends. Gather together a group of friends that you would like to travel with and begin to pick a destination and make your travel plans. Don’t rule out dream destinations that you would love to visit but never thought you could afford. Some of these are affordable if done the right way.

Find Recent Information, Don’t Rely on Old Stories

Find the latest information about the daily costs in your picked destinations. Don’t rely on old stories. Use travel blogs, and make sure they are dated recently. Some Youtube travel vlogs are about budget travel and people go into great length and detail to tell you how to keep the costs down in different destinations.

If you rely on old stories told by people you could end up hearing stories about spending a dollar a night to stay in cottages on the beach in Thailand. That wasn’t even true when I first started going to Thailand over 20 years ago. Food prices have gone up as well.

So spend the time to make sure you are getting reliable realistic information about the daily costs in each destination.

Determine Mode of Transportation

Be creative because the journey can be half the fun. If you are wanting to jet off to some exotic location and google flights lists it as being very expensive. You can start by finding a flight to closest major hub, and then start looking for budget carriers in the area. For example if I wanted to go to Cebu, Philippines and I lived in Denver, CO and the airfare to Cebu was too expensive. I would look at Tokyo, Seoul, or Hong Kong as my destination from the US, and then look for budget carriers such as Cebu Pacific, Hong Kong Express, Jin Air, and others. Sometimes these airlines show up on Google flights and sometimes they don’t. So be sure to do an internet search for the regional budget airlines. It might possibly be that there would be a greater savings by flying to the hub, and then catching a regional budget airline.


Are you a pamper me and make me feel rich sort of traveler or are you a let’s rough it and have a blast sort of traveler? If you don’t mind roughing it many of destinations have very affordable accommodations. One of our favorites and of course since we are a hammock company is camping. You can often find campgrounds with shared showers and restroom facilities that are very affordable. Some are just a few dollars a day. You can spend the nights around a communal campfire talking about the day’s adventures. This being the most affordable option is not without risk. Do your research about crime in the area, and never stay someplace that you can’t find recent uncensored information on. Don’t rely on a quote on their website. Get information from TripAdvisor, and various other sources.

Next up from camping are cabins and bungalows. These are often affordable and a bit more secure as you can actually lock up your belongings. Still get information on security, and risks in the area around the accommodations.

Of course we all know hotels, but they generally run the prices up a great deal.

Many places you can find home stays that come with breakfast. If you don’t mind living in a local’s home and can abide by expected house guest norms this can be the most fun and rewarding experience as you get accommodations and culture all in one package.

Plan Early

If you procrastinate you can often miss the best deals. So plan early, and get ready for your adventure. Make this Spring Break one to remember. Dream, Explore, Discover.

And of course, don’t forget your hammock. Oh, did I mention we make Awesome Hammocks?

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