Bumble Bee- Deluxe Double Hammock

Nomads Adventure Gear

Everyone loves to watch a bumble bee. That fat little creature that manages to fly all around your backyard leaving you pondering,  "How on earth are they able to fly?"  We are amused by these lovable bees so much that we have named a hammock after them.  

Our Expedition Hammocks are all eleven feet long to provide that extra room for a good nights sleep whether in the backyard or on a thru hike of your favorite trail.  All Nomads Adventure Gear hammocks come standard with wire gate carabiners instead of being an upgrade.  The wire gate carabiners don't have sharp edges like other carabiners that can snag and tear your hammock keeping you from having to sleep on the cold hard ground.

Our hammocks are made from soft but durable 70D (1.9oz) taffeta parachute nylon you can rest easy knowing you are in a hammock that is made to last.  Go solo or climb in with that special someone.   This hammock has more than enough room for two. 

Dimensions: 11' X 6'6" (3.35m X 2m)
Capacity: 400lbs (180kg)
Weight:  21oz  (.68kg)
Material:  100% 70D (1.9oz) Taffeta Parachute Nylon
Warranty:  Ridiculously Crazy Lifetime Warranty. 

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